Welcome to the “Body By Robes” Blog – by request!

Hi all,

I’ve gotten several requests to set up a blog for people who are not on facebook to follow my workouts since I post several each week, especially when I’m on the road.

So, here we are. Dubbed “Body by Robes” from one of our favorite gym attendees, this is it…

I’ll try to figure out this whole blogging thing and make sure that I post interesting things that you guys will find useful here. Hopefully the learning curve is EASY for me and I can be actually post useful things quickly here on WordPress. Hang with me as I navigate it all. I think you’ll be able to get notified each time I post something new, which is what most of you have asked for… This isn’t going to be a fancy blog page, I wish I had time for that. But I’ll do my best to keep it updated for you guys! If you have other things you want to see, I’ll try to add them. Just let me know.

And for those of you who are relatively new to the “madness”, you may want to swing by the “My Story” section of this blog. I’m not just some freak of nature who came out of the womb physically fit and never had to work a day in my life. I’m not THAT girl. As one of my dearest friends, PCT, would say “ummm… you are NOT the exception to the rule!”.  HA! So swing by and read my story… and take this journey with me. We’ll do it together.

Let’s use this blog to encourage each other, to ask questions, to learn a little, but most importantly, to be supportive and to have FUN.  Yes. FUN. F-U-N.  🙂

Hugs and love,

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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