How Did You Spend Your Sunday? 20/20/20/20 Workout with Robes

Contributed by a victim/friend of Robes… 

I was excited upon the invitation for a relaxing afternoon and turkey dinner at the Tesori’s. I was soon reminded of the fact that Michelle doesn’t just lounge around :). “Let’s just do a quick workout! 15 minutes max! It’s not that bad! It’ll be fun!” 10 minutes 21 seconds later I questioned being able to pick my seizing muscles off the floor.  This is how my dearest friend Michelle shows she cares about me.

We did the “You Had Me…” 20/20/20/20 workout that she posted on April 3rd while she was in Augusta on “vacation” with Paul. HA!

Here are some photos of us getting a “quick workout” that “wasn’t that bad”. HA! Notice the sleeping monster on the chaise lounge in the background:

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Best of luck to Michelle’s sister Mary-Beth who is going to try to tackle this workout later today in Denver after a long hike. What are you thinking???

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3 Responses to How Did You Spend Your Sunday? 20/20/20/20 Workout with Robes

  1. torturedbyrobes says:

    My time:
    Round 1: 3:08
    Round 2: 3:02 (running time 6:10)
    Round 3: 4:11 (running time 10:21)
    Abs: 34 in 90 seconds!
    Total time: 12 minutes, 45 seconds! DONE!

  2. Robes says:

    Hey guys! My time this time around… goal was to beat 11:47 which was my time the last time I did this workout on 4/3. Success! Helped to have Meg here working out with me!
    Round 1: 2:43
    Round 2: 3:20 (running time 6:03)
    Round 3: 3:49 (running time 9:52)
    Abs: 47 in 90 seconds!
    GREAT WORKOUT! Ready for Turkey dinner with Paul, Meg & Wes!

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Rose says:

    Torture is all I have to say. WHEW!!!!!!! 😉 I’ll have to make wiser decisions when it comes to planning a hike and a Robes workout in the same day.

    ❤ M-B

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