1,000 Rep Challenge!

Ok, guys, so tonight we stepped it up a little bit. Wasn’t exactly an 8 minute workout, but this is a GREAT workout you can do maybe twice a month and keep track of your times and see how you progress.

The deal is this. 10 exercises. 50 reps each exercise. YES, you do all 50 of one exercise before you move onto the next one. That’s the deal. And YES, I know that’s only 500 reps. After you’re done those 500 reps, you’re going to jump rope (if you don’t have a rope, you can just pretend you do) for 500 counts. Seems easy enough. Trust me. It’ll getcha.


  • A mat
  • A kettlebell or single weight (for women, probably 5-15 pounds,ย for men, probably 10-25 pounds depending on your fitness level). This weight will be OPTIONAL.
  • An elevated surface that’s 18 – 24 inches off the floor. A couch will work. A chair (not one with wheels!) will work. A bench at the gym will work (we used 6 risers on each side of the benches today).
  • Jump rope (if you have one… don’t worry if you don’t!)
  • A timer, piece of paper and pen so you can record your great work!!!
  • Water & towel (you’ll need it!)

Here we go!

1. Burpees
2. High Knees
3. Squat Burpee Tuck Jump (weights optional)
4. Scissor Lunge Jumps (also sometimes called Ski Downs)
5. Elevated Plank – Elbow/Cross to Armpit
6. Toe Touch Jacks
7. Press Lunge Back and Kick (Left Leg – weights optional)
8. Power Tuck Jumps
9. Press Lunge Back and Kick (Right Leg – weights optional)
10. Alternating Leg Reach Thru

Burpees: Ok, you know the deal. Here’s the skinny. NO PUSHUPS in any of the burpees today. Stand tall, squat down, place both hands on the floor. Jump both feet back to a pushup position, then jump them right back to where they were in a low squat, then explode up in the air, arms overhead. That’s 1 rep.
High Knees: Exactly as they sound. You’re going to run, but with your knees high. Your thighs need to parallel to the floor.
Squat Burpee Tuck Jump: When you see RED, that means weights are optional and encouraged if you really want to challenge yourself. I will describe as if you’re using weights. If you choose not to use them, just ignore the weights part and do the exercise without them. Pick up a weight or kettlebell in your right hand and rest it near your right shoulder. Squat to the floor, then stand up. Reach down and place the weight on the floor and immediately do a Burpee (see above for description). HOWEVER, at the “explode” part, instead of just jumping up in the air, I want you to jump, raise up both knees into a tuck jump and tap your thighs with your hands. That’s 1 rep. Then pick up the weight that’s now on the floor with your LEFT hand and rest it on or near your left shoulder. Squat. Stand up. Squat again and place weight back on the floor. Burpee with exploding tuck jump, tapping your thighs with your hands. That’s 2 reps. You will do 25 on each side for a total of 50.
Scissor Lunge Jumps: Get in a lunge, left leg forward and right arm forward. Left arm will be back, arms are parallel to the floor. Jump, and scissor your arms and your legs at the same time, landing with your right foot forward, left foot back. That’s 1 rep. Repeat for a count of 50 total. Make sure you use your arms and try to get low in your lunges.
Elevated Plank: Get in a plank with your hands on the floor and your feet elevated on whatever surface you have chosen. Hands will not move during this exercise. Starting with your right leg, lift it off the surface and bring your right knee to your right elbow. To do this correctly, you will have to turn your leg slightly outward so that your instep of your foot is facing the floor. Return your right foot to the bench. Then STILL using your right foot, lift it off the surface and tuck your knee under, crossing underneath your body this time and bring your right knee to your LEFT armpit. That’s 1 rep. Repeat using your left foot, bringing it to your left elbow, then back to the surface, then to your right armpit and back. That’s 2 reps. Repeat a total of 50 times, 25 on each side. And YES, it helps to be elevated. It’s much harder to do this with your feet on the floor. There’s not a lot of room under there to be moving legs across and under your body unless you have like 3 foot long gorilla arms! ๐Ÿ™‚
Toe Touch Jacks: Exactly as they sound. Regular jumping jack, but on the bottom part, you need to touch your toes (not your knees, not your shins, your TOES!!!) with your hands. Hands touch over the top of your head.
Press Lunge Back and Kick (LEFT LEG): Again, this one has optional weights. If you are using weights, grab a kettlebell or a weight and hold it in your LEFT hand with your arm extended STRAIGHT over your head, pressed all the way to the ceiling. Keep your arm there the ENTIRE 50 reps. If you do not use weight, your left arm will still be extended to the ceiling, just no weight in it. Your right arm will extend out to the right side, straight. Step back with your left foot into a back lunge, then in one movement, sweep your left foot in front of you, leg STRAIGHT until your leg is about parallel to the floor. It’s more of a lift really, than a kick. You are kicking it forward, but it stays straight as long as it can. Then step right back to your lunge (STILL ON YOUR LEFT LEG for ALL 50! Don’t worry, we’ll get the right leg in a second!) and kick again, straight leg. Remember to keep your left arm extended straight overhead. This is KILLER with weights. All 50 reps are on one side.
Power Tuck Jumps: We do these a lot. You did them in like the 3rd exercise above. Stand with your arms over your head and explode up into a tuck jump, reaching your hands down to touch your thighs, which should be parallel to the floor. Trainer suggestion: Do a small two-footed hop in place in between each rep. So Power Tuck jump, then just hop to recover, then Power Tuck, then hop. It helped our crew tonight with rhythm and balance.
Press Lunge Back and Kick (RIGHT LEG): Yeah, there it is. The other side. See above, and instead of your left leg back and your left arm holding the weight, it’s all on the right side now. CHALLENGE YOURSELF! You’ve got 50. You can do it!
Alternating Leg Reach Through: Lay flat on the mat with your hands extended over your head. Raise your left leg, STRAIGHT, up toward the ceiling while you simultaneously raise both arms and your chest up off the floor. Reach around your left leg, tapping your fingertips together below your bank of your left leg (your hamstring/knee area). Return to the floor. Repeat on the right side. Each fingertip tap is 1 rep. You’ll do 50 total, 25 on each side.

YOU DID IT! You did the hard part! NOW… the big finish!

Jump Rope – 500 counts. This is exactly as it sounds. If you have a rope, GREAT! If not, put your hands in position as if you were holding a rope next to your side. Equally effective. You’re going to jump rope (real or pretend) for a count of 500. Each time your feet alternate is one count (DO NOT try to jump rope for a count of 500 with your feet together… or if you do, be aware, your calves will be on FIRE and you might fall over). ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s it! Jump for 500 counts, then you’re done!!!!

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TIME! How long did it take you to do each exercise? How long did the entire workout take? Mark whether or not you used weights — your time will change with/without weights, so you’ll want to make sure down the road you’re comparing the same workout! I’ll post my times later!

Go get ’em team!!!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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4 Responses to 1,000 Rep Challenge!

  1. Robes says:

    Did this workout tonight. Plan is to do it every 2-3 weeks for 4 months to improve on my times. Here are mine:
    Burpees: 2:15
    High Knees: 17 seconds
    Squat Burpee Tuck Jumps: 4:44 with 15 lb kettlebell for all 50 reps
    Elevated Plank Elbow Cross: 2:10
    Toe Touch Jacks: 53 seconds
    Press Lunge & Kick (Left): 1:49 (used 15 lb kettlebell for first 35 reps)
    Power Tuck Jumps: 1:18
    Press Lunge & Kick (Right): 1:29 (used 15 lb kettlebell for first 15 reps)
    Alt Leg Lift: 1:08
    500 Rope Skips: 2:45
    TOTAL TIME: 18:48 (holy crap, it felt a LOT longer!)
    Also did 3 minutes of Abs to finish the circuit. So the entire workout for me, actively, was 21 minutes and 48 seconds! There’s my time to beat!!!!

  2. Robes says:

    Ok, and for those of you who aren’t quite ready for this 1000 rep challenge yet, two options: 1) do it, and take rests when you need it and just try to improve on your time every time. OR option 2) I have determined a preset amount of time you can stay on each exercise keeping the entire thing UNDER 30 minutes. IF you don’t complete all 50 exercises in that time designated for each, NO PROBLEM! Just write down how many you did do. Say you do 32 in the time set for Burpees. AWESOME. Next time you do this workout, try to do 34 in that same amount of time! Add on each time. Here are the times for option 2:
    Burpees: 3:00 (this means 3 minutes)
    High Knees: 0:45 (seconds)
    Squat Burpee Tuck Jumps: 6:00
    Scissor Lunge Jumps: 0:45
    Elevated Plank: 3:00
    Toe Touch Jacks: 1:30 (1 minute, 30 seconds)
    Press Lunge Kick: 2:30
    Power Tuck Jumps: 2:30
    Press Lunge Kick: 2:30
    Alt Leg Reach Thru: 1:30
    500 Rope Skips: 4:00
    This ENTIRE cycle is only 28 minutes. So if you want to try the full workout, all 1000 reps and you are not pressed for time, GO FOR IT! If you only have half an hour one day, and you want to see how many you can do, go with option 2! See how many you can squeeze in in the time that’s designated for each exercise. You’re stronger than you think. You can do this. I bet you’ll surprise yourself.
    God bless, love you all!

  3. Kelley Harris says:

    Finally did this yesterday!! I did write my times down but I am not posting them!!! Lets just say It took longer than your times!! My booty and legs are sore!! I will see you tonight!

    • Robes says:

      Round 2 of the 1,000 rep challenge was tonight! Will post my times later.

      Reminder – keep track of not only how long it takes you to do each exercise PLUS your total workout time. Then you’ll know how much was actual workout time and how much was rest time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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