Weekend Warrior Workout – 4/27 – Balance, Baby, Balance

Ok, here’s the workout we will be doing tonight at the gym at 5 pm. If you’re local, come join us! If not, you can EASILY do this workout at home.


  • 3 plastic cups
  • exercise mat
  • medicine ball, exercise ball, free weights or something you can squeeze that weights more than 2 pounds 🙂
  • Interval timer (or watch or clock will work!)
  • water/towel

We are doing 20/10 Tabata intervals tonight. (20 seconds on at 100% of your max capacity, 10 seconds break). 4 exercises. 4 minutes STRAIGHT of each exercise (8 tabata rounds of EACH!) then we’ll move to the next exercise for 4 minutes etc. We are counting REPS today as the time is already set. Here we go:

Alternating Leg Balance (half on one leg, half on the other)
Donkey Hops (over mat)
Weighted Leg lifts
Side Burpee Pushups

Alternating Leg Balance– You will be balancing on ONE FOOT for this entire exercise. This is a lot easier to demonstrate than to describe so patience is required to read the below… To prepare: Get 3 plastic cups. Place them on the floor upside down as if they were a clock. Put one at 12, one at 3 and one at 9 o’clock with about 2 feet between them. They’ll make a triangle. Stand on your right foot with your foot at 6 o’clock. Cups will be on front of u on the floor. Starting position: Lift your left knee toward your chest, then bend at the waist and reach your left hand to touch the top of the cup at 3 o’clock. Your left leg will stretch out behind u for balance as you reach for the cup. Tap the cup, then stand back up, raising your left knee back up in front of you. That’s one rep. Next tap 12 o’clock and stand back up. Lastly tap 9 o’clock and back up. Then start over tapping 3 o’clock. You’ll repeat – 3, 12, 9 for 20 seconds. Count how many cups you tap. Repeat this 3 more Tabata rounds (total of 2 minutes) with your right leg on the floor and your left hand doing the tapping 3, 13, 9.

After 2 minutes switch so left foot is on the ground and change direction – now you are tapping the cups in order from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock with your right hand tapping. 9, 12, 3 for 20 seconds. Repeat Tabata style (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest) for a total of 2 minutes. COUNT YOUR REPS EACH ROUND! That means you’ll have 4 rep counts for each leg. 8 total for that round. Whew! Sounds complicated but it’s not. It’s just hard to explain. Now you’re done w/ that 4 minutes. Move on IMMEDIATELY (after your last round of 10 seconds of rest) to exercise 2, Donkey Hops.

Donkey Hops – We do this one sometimes over the bench. You know it. Today we’re not using the bench – just a mat. Put the mat on the floor. Hands go palms down at the top of the mat (on the mat). Both feet are on the FLOOR to the left of the mat. When the timer starts, jump/hop with feet TOGETHER over the mat landing on the right side of the mat. Hop back over to the left. Repeat. Each time you jump is ONE rep. Count every rep. Repeat a total of 8 rounds of 20 on (as FAST as u can) and 10 seconds rest. Total 4 minutes. Remember to try to “donkey kick” which means to kick those heels near your butt. This is the challenge – as you get more tired this will feel impossible. Don’t quit. Take a second to gather yourself then go after it!! After 8 rounds, move onto exercise 3.

Weighted Leg Lifts– Don’t be fooled. Your legs will be on fire and these are not easy but they are exactly as they sound. Lay on your mat, head raised, weight between your ankles. Left straight legs up to the ceiling then lower to floor. That’s one rep. Side note from me – Try to grab a soft weight like the soft medicine balls  or even a big exercise ball – I used a regular 6 lb. medicine ball the first time I did this workout and my legs were shaking so bad I couldn’t hold the weight very well and I dropped it several times. Doesn’t feel good landing on your chest or face 😉
Repeat Tabata style (20 seconds on, 10 second rest) for 4 minutes. Count your reps for each of the 8 rounds. Then move onto last exercise.

Side Burpees– I can hear you guys complaining from here 🙂 You know these, but just in case, I’m also including a step by step visual. For those who need a reminder: stand tall, then squat down, palms down on the floor just to the left of your feet (you’ll know why this matters after the first one you try). Jump both feet at the same time out to the right (if your body were a clock, you’re jumping your legs out STRAIGHT in a plank to about 3 o’clock). Do one pushup. Then jump your feet back to a squat position (hands still on the floor) and then explode up toward the sky, hands over your head as you jump off the floor. Then you repeat, jumping your legs to the opposite side.

Modificiation: you may do this pushup on one knee if necessary. If you are doing that, it will be the knee that is closest to the floor when you jump your legs out to the side (when you jump your legs to the right, it would be your left knee and vice versa). Make sure you do a push up on each side and make sure you jump between them. Count each time you jump as one rep. You won’t do many of these. Wait ’til you see my numbers. You’ll know what I mean. 😉

Repeat Tabata style (20/10) for a total of 8 rounds. 4 minutes. And you’re done! Like DONE DONE!

Ok, so listen. This workout is a great challenge. Don’t quit or skip it because it seems hard. It’s 16 minutes. That’s it. Total. you will feel AWESOME when you are done.

Keep track of your reps and post them. Tonight will be the second time I’m doing this workout. I’ll post my first round times in a minute so I can try to beat them tonight.

16 minutes, team. GO GET ‘EM!!!!!!!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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6 Responses to Weekend Warrior Workout – 4/27 – Balance, Baby, Balance

  1. Robes says:

    I did this workout for the first time on April 15th and here were my times. Hoping to improve on these tonight:
    Alt Leg Balance –
    Right leg down: 11/12/12/11
    Left leg down: 11/12/12/12
    Donkey Hops: 28/28/27/20/16/20/21/17
    Weighted Leg Lifts: 8/8/7/6/6/5/5/4 (used 6 lb medicine ball)
    Side Burpees: 5/5/4/4/4/5/4/4

    • Robes says:

      Ok. Second time I’ve done this workout. Here are my numbers this time:
      Alt Leg Balance:
      Right leg down: 14/15/14/14
      Left leg down: 14/13/13/14
      Donkey hops: 31/29/23/20/20/20/18/20
      Weighted leg lifts: 6/7/7/6/4/6/6/6 (used 8 lb medicine ball instead of 6 lb)
      Side Burpees: 5/5/5/4/4/3.5/4/5 (yep, I counted half in round 6!)

      So, here are my improvements:
      • 18 more total leg balances (11 on right leg, 7 more on left leg)
      • 18 more donkey hops total! (dude, these BURN!)
      • 2 fewer leg lifts BUT I used a heavier medicine ball!
      • yay! That 1/2 mattered! I did 1/2 an extra side Burpee! Yay!!!!!!!!
      All in all, great profession. It was super hot in the gym, but the crew rocked it. They were awesome. I’ll ask them to post their times too. Anyone else give this workout a shot???

  2. Martha says:

    Just as I thought – I have NO balance:)

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Rose says:

    Same here – absolutely no balance. However, I’m going to keep my bright orange plastic cups out so I can attempt to improve my balance in the mornings before work. Thanks for the WONDERFUL detailed descriptions of how to do each workout. It really helps. XOXO (M-B)

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