Burn Baby Burn – Weekend Warrior 5/4

So here we go. I had underestimated this workout when I designed it. Be careful. Set aside about 20 – 30 minutes. Be prepared to sweat. Be prepared to BURN.

Exercise Time: 15-30 minutes depending on your fitness level
Number of Exercises Total: 3 regular, 1 bonus
Rounds: 3
Total number of reps: 280


  • exercise mat
  • stopwatch/clock
  • water/towel

We’re going 3 exercises in rotation for 3 rounds, 30 reps of each exercise (90 reps per round x 3 = 270 reps). Then we’ll finish with one challenge exercise, 10 reps. Total reps = 280.

Plank Side Jumps (30 total – 15 to each side)
One Arm Press Ups (30 total – 15 on each arm)
Ab/Knee/Pushup Combo (30 total – we’re counting one rep each time we do a pushup)
BONUS EXERCISE: Ninja Jump (10 reps total)


Plank Side Jumps: Get into a full plank position, shoulders pulled back and together, abs tight. Jump both feet forward and to the right (if your body were a clock and your head were 12 o’clock and feet in a plank were 6 o’clock, you are jumping toward 3 or 4 o’clock). Jump back to plank. That’s 1 rep. Jump now to the left (aiming feet for 7 or 8 o’clock). Jump back to plank. That’s your 2nd rep. Repeat until you’ve completed 30 total, 15 on each side. Your hands NEVER move. This is a killer shoulder, tricep, back, leg exercise.
Modification: If you need to modify this move and you can’t jump, walk your feet to the right (right foot first, then left foot), then walk them back to the plank (left foot then right foot) for one rep. Then walk left foot first, followed by right foot to the left, returning them to the plank right foot first. That’s 2 reps. Just replace jumping with walking. Fast. 🙂

One Arm Press Up: Lay flat on your belly on a mat. Place your right hand next to your chest palm down on the floor with your arm bent at the elbow and your arm close to your body. Your body is stretched back out straight behind you and your toes are on the ground (not your shoelaces… toes). Place your right hand, palm facing UP, in the small of your back just above your butt, with your elbow bent. Press your entire upper body up off the ground, keeping your left arm close to your body and arch your back to a position called an upward dog (but yours will be one-handed, the photo below shows a regular two-handed upward dog).

Upward Dog. Yours needs to be with one hand. Your other hand will be behind your back.

From here, press your hips straight up toward the ceiling, pushing through your tip toes and your shoulders. You will feel a TON of muscles at work here. You will end up in an inverted V position. Reverse the position, back to your one-handed upward dog. Then lastly, back to the floor, all the while keeping that left hand next to your arm. That is 1 rep. Repeat a total of 15 times on your left hand, then switch to your right arm. Listen up: THESE ARE NO JOKE. There is a modification below (2, in fact). If your form is not good, PLEASE choose a modification. You can work up to these. Do as many regularly as you can, then modify.
Modification 1 (Medium Difficulty): In the medium difficulty modification, we just add two steps to help the transition. Start in the same position on the floor as above. Press to upward dog the same as above. Then instead of pushing up to an inverted V, push your body to all fours first, hand (one hand, left) and knees. Then press up to the inverted V, then back to all fours, then to upward dog, then back to the floor.
Modification 2 (Less Hard): Start on the floor in the same position as the regular exercise above. Push up to the upward dog the same. But from here, push directly back to child’s pose (see image below). Then back to upward dog, then back to start.
ONE MORE OPTION: If you need it, you can keep track of how many you can do with one hand, then you can help yourself with your free arm if necessary.

Child’s Pose – remember, yours will be one-handed still.

Ab/Knee/Pushup Combo: If someone wants to name these later today, go for it. I’m open to suggestions. No cursing please. Keep it clean :). Ok, so here we go. Start in a plank position on your hands. Pull your right knee across your body toward your left armpit. Return that right leg back behind you but NOT to the floor. Reach it straight out behind you and do a leg lift while you do a pushup. That’s 1 rep. Now tuck that same right knee to the center, right to your chest. Then extend back, lift it up (you should feel that lift in your right butt cheek) and do a pushup. That’s your 2nd rep. Lastly, tuck your right knee up toward your right armpit. Then extend behind, push up. That’s your 3rd rep. Now switch sides. Repeat on the left side for 3 more reps. You’re going to do 30 reps TOTAL. Each time you do a push up, you will count that as 1 rep.
Modification: Start in a plank on your hands. Do the knee pull across your chest toward your alternate armpit as above. Return that right leg behind you, but when you get it there, drop your left knee to the floor (right leg is still extended out behind you). Do your push up with your left knee only on the floor. Return to plank (keeping that right foot still off the floor) and pull that right knee to the center. Return it behind you, extended and lifted, then drop again to your left knee and push up. I think you get the idea. In the modified version, the only thing that changes is that when it’s time to do the pushups, you will drop to one knee.

REPEAT THIS CYCLE 3 TIMES. Keep track of your times. Each round should have a time, and you should have a total time as well. Then once you’ve caught your breath, move on to the bonus exercise below!

BONUS EXERCISE – Ninja Jump: I gave you guys a teensy break on this one. I took out the tuck jump part (don’t worry, once we get these, I’ll add it back in!). Ok, so sit on the floor, shins down, shoelaces down, with your butt sitting on your heels. (Don’t worry, full image of this entire exercise below). Reach your hands behind you, then swing them upward and use all your momentum to jump off your heels and off the floor, landing on your feet in a deep squat. Yes. For real. That’s the exercise. Then step back down one leg at a time to kneeling and repeat. 10 times total.
Modification 1: The best suggestion I have for modification is to get a partner. Have them stand in front of you, slightly squatted down, with their hands extended, palms facing up. Place your palms facing down on top of theirs and use their body weight and resistance to help you jump. This is also good for those who are fearful of this exercise. The first time I did it, I had a mental block trying to imagine that my body was capable of this jump. It was, but it took me a few seconds to get over that. This modification will help. Have them help you less as you get more comfortable.
Modification 2: You can, if you don’t have a partner or are really challenged by this one, put one foot flat on the floor next to the other knee and have that be your starting position. So in this modification, one leg would be shin down, on the floor, just as normal. But the other leg would be knee bent, foot next to your other knee (that’s near the floor) and have that be your start. Jump from there, alternating which knee is down.

Ninja Jump. And you’re welcome for not making you do this on the beach. You can thank me later.

That’s it! You did it! CONGRATS! I’ll post my round times later today. I can tell you my total time was 17:28, and it was a HARD 17:28.

Please challenge yourself this weekend. Give this one a shot. It only requires a mat (and could honestly be done without even that).


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