300 Rep Time Challenge!

Alright guys. Another time challenge for you. I was having one of those days today… knew about as quickly as I got to my office this morning that the gym tonight was an impossibility. About mid-day, for my own sanity, I stepped away from my office and squeezed in a workout. I made it a time challenge with 300 reps. Took me 20:58 to complete all 300 reps. And it was just the break I needed. About 5 minutes in, as I was thinking “you gotta be KIDDING me with these wood chops!” I realized I wasn’t worried about work anymore! Ha!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Time Challenge (you’re gonna do all 300 reps at YOUR pace. Challenge yourself, but make sure your form is correct. Do not substitute speed for form!)
  • 6 total exercises
  • You’ll do 5 of the exercises twice (we’re doing 2 rounds) and one of the exercises 5 times in each of the two rounds – I’ll explain below.
  • 2 rounds total, 150 reps per round
  • 300 reps total!


  • Mat or semi-gentle surface for some of the pushups
  • One (1) Heavy Weight*
  • Soft Medicine Ball/Dynamax/UGI or Promax Ball*
  • Pull up bar OR a mat*
  • Stop watch, timer or simple clock. This is a timed challenge. All you need to know is how long it takes to do all 300!

*If you do not have access to these, find something in your house! When you see the exercises we’re doing, you’ll think of something that could replace them. Get creative!

*Great news! I got Paul to videotape quick samples of each exercise, so in addition to the descriptions, there’s a short video that shows each one!

Jump Lunge/Wood Chop – 10 total, 5 to each side
Diagonal Knee Raises (or Diagonal Leg Lifts as alternate) – 20 total, 10 to each side
Jump Lunge/Wood Chop – 10 total, 5 to each side
Side Plank Leg Lifts
– 20 total, 10 to each side
Jump Lunge/Wood Chop
10 total, 5 to each side
Plank Toe Touch Burpee –
20 total
Jump Lunge/Wood Chop
10 total, 5 to each side
Pike Pushups w/ Knee Tuck –
20 total
Jump Lunge/Wood Chop
10 total, 5 to each side
Leg Swing/Back Lunge/Knee Lift
(or Power Jump instead of Knee Lift) – 20 total, 10 to each side.

* You’ll note that while there are actually 10 sets of exercises, the Jump Lunge/Wood Chop is repeated a total of 5 times. It’s your highlight exercise. You’re going to start with it, and then repeat it in between every single other exercise you do.


Jump Lunge/Wood Chop: Grab some one heavy free weight or a medicine ball or a soft medicine ball. Get in a deep lunge, left leg forward,  right leg back. Weight/medicine ball is in your hands and extended straight up toward the sky over the top of your head. Jump, keeping arms up and weights pressed to the sky, switching legs in midair and landing in a lunge with the opposite (right) foot forward. Now, staying in your deep lunge, reach your hands with the weight/ball in them down and to the right (past your front leg), all the way past your rear end toward the floor behind you, twisting your body to look toward your target. Stay in your lunge, and reach your arms back overhead, facing forward. Jump and switch legs in midair, arms staying overhead, and now repeat your wood chop on the other side (left side). You’ll do this 10 times, 5 on each side. GET THIS ONE RIGHT. It’s hard. And even harder to explain. See the video for a sample. REMEMBER: Do not sacrifice form for speed. Make sure you are doing them right. Controlled. Balanced. Be strong. You’re going to do 10 of these (5 on each side) in between each of the other 5 exercises.

Diagonal Knee Raises (or Diagonal Leg Lifts as alternate) – I use the Equalizer for this exercise, but there are so many alternatives. You can use a pull up bar. If you’re home and you have stable bar stools, they might work! Anything that elevates your body off the floor where your legs can hang is perfect.  If you have a piece of equipment available to you that you can hold yourself up on, great! If you don’t, you can do Diagonal Leg Lifts. They’re described below in the modification section. For Diagonal Knee Raises, it’s very simple. Elevate yourself, legs hanging. Let your legs hang to one side, then lift your knees and tuck them up toward your chest. Return to hanging. Repeat. 20 total, 10 on each side.
Modification: If you don’t have any equipment or bar stools that will work, lay flat on your back on a mat, body extended. Lift your legs straight up to the ceiling for your starting position. Then I want you to lower your legs diagonally as low as you can go without your back or your butt coming off the floor. Raise them back up to the middle. Repeat on the other side. Do this 20 times total, 10 on each side. To modify further, if this is too challenging, do this same exercise but with slightly bent knees. If you make this modification, try to lower your knees down to the floor. For example, you’re aiming your right knee toward the right side. I didn’t videotape this modification, so if you need to see it, leave a comment, text me or call me. 🙂

Side Plank Leg Lifts – These are exactly as they sound. If you have a soft medicine ball, get in a side plank with your forearm resting on the medicine ball. Don’t be fooled… this part alone is hard enough to balance. Keep your hips high, body in a straight line. If you don’t have a soft medicine ball (examples would be Dynamax/UGI or Promax Ball), you can stack some blankets, towels, pillows, etc. Something uneven that will require your core to keep yourself balanced. Once in your side plank, stack your feet and raise your top leg in a leg lift. Do 10 on one side, then turn over, rest your other forearm on the ball and do 10 leg lifts with the other leg. 20 total.

Plank Toe Touch Burpee – EXACTLY what you’d think. Get in a plank. Raise your right leg toward your left hand and tap. Return your foot back to a plank. Raise your left foot toward your right hand and tap, then return to a plank. Jump your feet in toward your hands, then explode up in a burpee jump toward the ceiling. Squat down, hands on the floor and jump back to a plank. Then repeat. Again, FORM, FORM, FORM! When you get tired, you tend to lift your rear (I even do it in the video I think as I filmed AFTER I completed the workout…). Check your form. Be conscious of having a flat, plank body.  You’ll do 20 of these.

Pike Pushups w/ Knee Tuck – Brutal. These are just brutal. Get in an inverted V pushup position, hands and feet on the floor with your body in a V, butt up toward the ceiling. Simultaneously lower your upper body toward an imaginary spot between your hands while you pull one knee out side your body toward your elbow on the same side (right knee raises toward right elbow). Push back up to the V position and repeat with the left knee raising to the left elbow. Do 20 total, 10 with each knee, alternating. REST if you need to. These are HARD.

Leg Swing/Back Lunge/Knee Lift (or Power Jump instead of Knee Lift) – So I used my Equalizer bars again for this one. You don’t have to have that equipment. You could use two dining room chairs to swing your leg over. You could use just about anything that’s about hip level high. Let’s assume you’re using two of something, i.e. my Equalizer bars. Stand in the middle. Swing your right leg straight up in front of you, then over the equalizer bar that’s on your right. Don’t lower that leg until it’s all the way behind you in a back lunge position. Put your foot on the floor once it’s all the way behind you, then lower into a back lunge. Step in, put your hands on your Equalizer bars and do a center knee lift (knees to your chest). Repeat on the left side. 20 total, 10 on each side, alternating.
Modification: If you do not have bars or chairs or stools to use for the knee lifts, you can modify by doing a Power Jump in place of the Knee Lifts. To do a power jump, once you’ve completed your back lunge, step in so your shoulders are hip width apart, squat down to get some power and explode up toward the ceiling, tucking your knees up and tapping your thighs with your hands. We’ve done these Power Jumps a bunch. They’re a great replacement if you can’t do the knee lifts.

Here’s the video, the breakdown of each exercise and the format of the entire challenge:

Have a GREAT workout guys. Post your times. I’m about to post mine with my breakdowns (I like to breakdown each set so I know where I can really improve my times and my form). And SMILE!

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I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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1 Response to 300 Rep Time Challenge!

  1. Robes says:

    My times:
    TOTAL WORKOUT: 20:58
    My Splits:
    1 – 0:35
    2 – 1:22
    3 – 2:09
    4 – 3:03
    5 – 3:44
    6 – 5:31
    7 – 6:17
    8 – 7:25
    9 – 8:17
    10 – 10:13
    11 – 10:50
    12 – 11:46
    13 – 12:35
    14 – 13:28
    15 – 14:10
    16 – 16:03
    17 – 17:09
    18 – 18:05
    19 – 18:56
    20 – 20:58

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