The Avengers Workout – 5/18

Seemed fitting enough. Saw “The Avengers” this past weekend and thought it was an appropriate name for this workout:

  • 4 Exercises
  • 3 Rounds, rotating
  • Tabata Style 50/10 (50 seconds of work at your MAX capacity, 10 seconds of rest)
  • As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP)
  • 12 minutes of total work


  • Mat or semi-soft surface if needed (some of you hard core crew don’t need it!)
  • Elevated surface (chair, bench, bed, coffee table)
  • Interval timer or stopwatch
  • Pen and piece of paper to keep track of reps after each exercise

Power Squats
Straight Leg Tricep Dips
Leg Lifts
Twisted Pushups

Power Squats


You are going to complete one full circuit (one round of each exercise) then repeat two more times for a total of 3 rounds.

Power Squats: No weights. Squat down until your rear gets as close to your heels on the floor as possible. Explode up, jumping and reaching your hands over your head. As many as you can squeeze in in the 50 seconds. Go HARD. Write down how many you completed then move on to the tricep dips..

Straight Leg Tricep Dip – Only difference is I want you guys to try to press your hips up at the top (start position) each rep to get your body as straight as possible before you do your next dip.

Straight Leg Tricep Dip: Place your hands on an elevated surface with your fingers pointing toward your butt. Your body is extended in a straight line, heels are on the floor. Lower your body while bending your arms behind you, dipping down toward the floor. Use your triceps to push yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat as many dips as you can in 50 seconds, making sure your elbows bend straight back behind you, not out to the side. Write down how many reps you got in in the 50 seconds then get ready for leg lifts.
Modification: You may bend your knees slightly to help modify this exercise. If you bend your knees, try to make sure just your heels are on the floor.

Leg Lifts: Nothing fancy here. Lay flat on the floor, legs extended, arms by your side with your palms on the floor. Lift your head off the floor and keep it lifted for the entire exercise. Lift your legs, keeping them straight, until your toes are pointed at the ceiling. Lower back down until they are about 6 inches off the floor. DO NOT touch your heels down until the 50 seconds is over then record your reps. Simple. Now get ready for some madness in the twisted pushups.

Twisted Pushups: These are going to require a little bit of thinking. Follow these instructions step by step and I’ll try to post a video tomorrow… Get in a plank position on the floor, hands and feet down (like a push up position). Raise your left leg an extend it behind you. Maintain your balance and place your left hand close to your right hand while you tuck your left knee toward your right armpit and rotate your entire body around, lifting your right hand off the floor and placing it down again on the floor once you are face up.  You are now in a one-legged crab position (your palms are on the floor, right foot is on the floor, belly is facing the ceiling and your left leg is still raised toward the ceiling (it NEVER touches the floor). Continue rotating around the same direction (toward your right) by lifting your left hand off the floor and rotating around until you are facing the floor again, both palms on the floor, right foot down and left leg still extended behind you. Do one push up. Return to one footed plank and then place your left foot on the floor. That’s 1 rep. Now raise your right leg off the floor (you’re still in a plank, but now your right foot is lifted/extended). Bring your right knee toward your left elbow and lift your left hand off the floor and rotate around until your body is facing the ceiling. Both hands and your left foot will be on the floor. Your right leg will still be raised. Continue rotating around to your left, lifting your right hand off the floor to rotate then placing it back on the floor so you are in a plank with your right leg extended and raised behind you. Do a pushup then return your right leg to the floor so you are back in a full plank. That’s your 2nd rep. Repeat, alternating which leg is raised each time you complete a pushup. These are VERY VERY hard to do correctly. They literally challenge every muscle group, especially your core which is essential in keeping that one leg raised the entire time. Continue for 50 seconds.
Modification: Do regular or knee pushups with one leg extended behind you, alternating legs each time you return to the staring position after each pushup. ** I will try to get a video or at least screen shots of this up tomorrow. **

That’s one round. Repeat two more times for a total of three rounds, recording your reps after each Tabata 50/10 split. My reps are posted below…

That’s it! You’re done! GREAT JOB!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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1 Response to The Avengers Workout – 5/18

  1. Robes says:

    My Times
    Power Squats: 32/30/28
    Tricep Dips: 26/24/25
    Leg Lifts: 26/27/26
    Twisted Pushups: 9/8/8

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