Double Trouble – 5/18

So, it’s been one of those days. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I just (almost) got done work for the day. Needed another mental health break, so threw together a quick 9 minute workout to try to get my senses about me again.

  • 3 Exercises
  • 3 Rounds, rotating
  • Tabata Style 50/10 (50 seconds of work at your MAX capacity, 10 seconds of rest)
  • As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP)
  • 9 minutes of total work

Be that somebody… for yourself!


  • Mat or semi-soft surface if needed (some of you hard core crew don’t need it!)
  • Interval timer or stopwatch
  • Pen and piece of paper to keep track of reps after each exercise

Commando Roll Tricep Pushups
Reverse Lift / Straddle Thru
Squat Pulse Leg Lift

You are going to complete one full circuit (one round of each exercise) then repeat two more times for a total of 3 rounds.

Commando Roll Tricep Pushup: Get in a pushup position but with your arms in close to your body (for a tricep pushup). Do one tricep pushup then lower yourself to the floor and extend your arms overhead (you’ll be laying flat on your belly now). Using your abs and keeping hands extended over your head, roll to your right onto your back and continue rolling all the way over until you are on your stomach again (this is a commando roll). Try to keep your arms AND your lower legs lifted off the floor so you activate your core. Place your hands next to your chest again on the floor and do one tricep pushup. This is 1 rep. Bend your elbows to return to your belly and commando roll left this time, finishing with a tricep pushup.
Modification: You can do the pushup part on your knees if you need to. Make sure you have proper form. Butt down, body flat from your head to your knees.

Reverse Lift / Straddle Thru: Lay flat on the floor on your back, hands down by your side, palms flat (you may place your palms under your butt if that’s more comfortable for you). Lift your head off the floor, then lift your legs, keeping them straight AND together, until your feet are pointed toward the ceiling. Now lift your butt off the floor, getting space between the floor and your butt (several inches at least), keeping your legs pointed toward the ceiling (this is called a Reverse Lift). Return your butt to the floor, legs still pointed toward the ceiling. Straddle your legs, lifting your upper body off the floor and reaching your hands through your legs to contract your abs. Bring your legs back together, hands back down to your sides and do one more Reverse Lift (get your butt OFF the floor!!!) then return your legs back to the floor, touching your heels just for a second. That’s 1 rep. Repeat as many times as you can in 50 seconds.

Squat Pulse Leg Lift: I think you know these. Squat down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor, knees are over your shoelaces. Arms are out in front of you slightly bent for balance. Pulse (Pulse means you squat a little lower, maybe 2-3 inches lower, then back up those 2-3 inches to the starting squat position) 3 times, then keeping your butt low and your head low (pretend someone has their hand on TOP of your head and you can’t move it! If we were in class, you wouldn’t have to pretend — it’d be my hand on your head!) and lift your right leg to the right, keeping it straight until it is parallel to the floor. Return your right leg back to the squat position. This is one rep. Pulse squat 3 more times then lift your left leg, keeping your head and butt low. Repeat as many times as you can in 50 seconds, alternating the leg you lift each rep.

You’ve just completed one round! Repeat 2 more times for 3 full rounds. That’s it. 9 minutes. But don’t sell yourself short. Go HARD for 9 minutes. Remember: Tabata is your MAX. It’s all you’ve got for those 50 seconds. Use your 10 second rests to write down your reps before you move on to the next exercise. My times are below! Good luck!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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