Tricep Invasion – 5/29

Good morning from Hilton Head Island, SC where Megan (aka “Flip”) and I are getting ready for our Greg Jones Lead Block Foundation Youth Football Camp! We got up nice and early to do a sunrise tricep workout! All you need is some room and your own body! We didn’t even wear sneakers! Here’s the breakdown, just for you, and a video to help at the bottom:

Exercise Time: 12-30 minutes depending on your fitness level
Number of Exercises Total: 4 (repeating one of the exercises 3 times each round — see below)
Rounds: 3
Total number of reps: 65 each round x 3 = 195


  • exercise mat
  • stopwatch/clock
  • water/towel

We’re going 3 exercises in rotation for 3 rounds, 30 reps of each exercise (90 reps per round x 3 = 270 reps). Then we’ll finish with one challenge exercise, 10 reps. Total reps = 280.

Commando Roll Tricep Pushups (10 total)
Donkey Hops (20 total)
One Arm Press Ups (20 total – 10 on each arm)
Burpee Pushups (you are going to do 5 Burpee Pushups between each exercise – these are your highlight exercise)


Commando Roll Pushups: Get in a pushup position but with your arms in close to your body (for a tricep pushup). Do one tricep pushup then lower yourself to the floor and extend your arms overhead (you’ll be laying flat on your belly now). Using your abs and keeping hands extended over your head, roll to your right onto your back and continue rolling all the way over until you are on your stomach again (this is a commando roll). Try to keep your arms AND your lower legs lifted off the floor so you activate your core. Place your hands next to your chest again on the floor and do one tricep pushup. This is 1 rep. Bend your elbows to return to your belly and commando roll left this time, finishing with a tricep pushup.
Modification: You can do the pushup part on your knees if you need to. Make sure you have proper form. Butt down, body flat from your head to your knees.

Donkey Hops: If you have a mat, put the mat on the floor and place your hands palms down at the top of the mat (on the mat). Both feet are on the FLOOR to the left of the mat. Jump/hop with feet TOGETHER over the mat landing on the right side of the mat. Hop back over to the left. Repeat. Each time your feet touch the floor is ONE rep. Count every rep. Remember to try to “donkey kick” which means to kick those heels near your butt. These are intended to be FAST! Do not let your feet hang out on the floor. Pretend the floor is on fire. MOVE! FAST! You’ve got 20.

One Arm Press Ups: If you did my “Burn Baby Burn” workout last month, you know this exercise. If not… Lay flat on your belly on a mat. Place your right hand next to your chest palm down on the floor with your arm bent at the elbow and your arm close to your body. Your body is stretched back out straight behind you and your toes are on the ground (not your shoelaces… toes). Place your right hand, palm facing UP, in the small of your back just above your butt, with your elbow bent. Press your entire upper body up off the ground, keeping your left arm close to your body and arch your back to a position called an upward dog (but yours will be one-handed, the photo below shows a regular two-handed upward dog). From here, press your hips straight up toward the ceiling, pushing through your tip toes and your shoulders. You will feel a TON of muscles at work here. You will end up in an inverted V position. Reverse the position, back to your one-handed upward dog. Then lastly, back to the floor, all the while keeping that left hand next to your arm. That is 1 rep. Repeat a total of 10 times on your left hand, then switch to your right arm. Listen up: THESE ARE NO JOKE. There is a modification below (2, in fact). If your form is not good, PLEASE choose a modification. You can work up to these. Do as many regularly as you can, then modify.
Modification 1 (Medium Difficulty): In the medium difficulty modification, we just add two steps to help the transition. Start in the same position on the floor as above. Press to upward dog the same as above. Then instead of pushing up to an inverted V, push your body to all fours first, hand (one hand, left) and knees. Then press up to the inverted V, then back to all fours, then to upward dog, then back to the floor.
Modification 2 (Less Hard): Start on the floor in the same position as the regular exercise above. Push up to the upward dog the same. But from here, push directly back to child’s pose (see image below). Then back to upward dog, then back to start.
ONE MORE OPTION: If you need it, you can keep track of how many you can do with one hand, then you can help yourself with your free arm if necessary.

Burpee Pushups:By now these should be haunting you in your sleep. Stand tall, squat down, place both hands on the floor. Jump both feet back to a pushup position and do one pushup, then back to plank. Then jump your feet back to a low squat, then explode up in the air, reaching your arms overhead. That’s 1 rep. You’re doing 5 Burpee Pushups between EACH exercise – this means 15 each round for a total of 45.

So here’s how this works. One round would look like this:
10 Commando Roll Tricep Pushups
5 Burpee Pushups
20 Donkey Hops
5 Burpee Pushups
20 One Arm Press Ups (10 on each arm)
5 Burpees

That’s 1 round. You’re doing 3 rounds for time! Mark your time after each round. PRESS. HARD! This is a LOT of arm work. A LOT of tricep work. Mission accomplished. 🙂

And here’s your video, to help you along…

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