Legs On Fire – Deck of Cards – 6/19

So, we brought it up a notch this week in our Tuesday Cardio Challenge with a new Deck of Cards workout. What is Deck of Cards you say? Well, check out the Deck of Cards workout description by clicking here.

We really focused on high, intense cardio with some challenging moves this week. Why? Cuz I know you guys can handle it.  Still gotta find ways to challenge you, right?

Now that you know how the Deck of Cards workout works, let’s break down this week’s workout. Here are the exercises for each suit:

June 19 – Legs On FIRE Deck of Cards workout!

  • Mat or semi-soft surface if needed (some of you hard core crew don’t need it!)
  • Stop watch/timer that does seconds (you’ll need 10 – 75 seconds to be able to be set)
  • Towel/water
  • Watch/timer set for 35 minutes*

Ninja Power Tuck Jump
Jump Lunge (3x) Leg Lift
Donkey Jumps
Dive Bomber Pushup
JOKERS: 1) 60 seconds – Star Jumping Jacks
2) REST!

You know the deal. Set your watch for 35 minutes* (or whatever time you have available. We did 35 minutes because we got started late, needed time for stretch before, abs after and after-stretch.

Ninja Power Tuck Jump: Don’t be fooled. This is HARD. Like I told the crew on Tuesday night, MOSTLY this is mind over matter. The first time you try, you will likely overthink it and be afraid you’re going to fall. You just have to trust your body. Go for it. And when you do, it’s almost exhilarating.

Starting on your knees, feet tucked underneath you, arms loose, contract your glutes and quads and jump to your feet in one motion, landing in a deep squat. You’ll likely need to REALLY swing your arms to get your momentum up. Once in a deep squat, immediately do a power tuck jump, jumping up toward the ceiling, tucking your knees up wide toward your chest and slapping your thighs with your hands.

Here’s a video of someone I don’t know doing a pretty decent job showing you her jump. Don’t need volume to hear her cuz you can’t really hear her anyway. Just watch her form. .

This is a tough one to modify to even get NEAR the intensity level. Here’s a few options: 1) Instead of doing the ninja jump, you can start standing tall, start like you’re doing a burpee. Reach your hands down to the floor, jump your feet back to a plank. But instead of doing a pushup, IMMEDIATELY jump your feet back in to a squat and go into a tuck jump. Click here to see some more guys I don’t know doing that move. 2) Do the normal original Ninja Tuck Jump move described above, but instead of starting with both knees on the floor, start with one knee on the floor and bend your other knee so you have one foot flat on the floor and one shin on the floor. Make sure your power tuck jump is HIGH and powerful! Don’t wimp out!

Jump Lunge (3x) Leg Lift: Get in a deep lunge, right leg back. Jump and scissor your legs in the air, switching legs so your left leg is now in a deep lunge. That’s 1. Do it again, now your right leg is back. That’s 2. One more jump, left leg is now back behind you in a deep lunge. That’s 3 (see the 3x? Means 3 times!). Now staying in that deep lunge, lift your left leg out to the side, trying to get it parallel to the floor. KEEP THAT LEG STRAIGHT when you lift it! Return that leg behind you and now JUMP! (1). JUMP! (2). JUMP! (3). Your right leg should be behind you now in a deep lunge. Lift your right leg to the side, staying in a deep lunge, keeping your right leg straight. Each time you lift your leg to the side, that’s 1 rep.  So in the above description, that’s 2 reps. If you had drawn the 2 of hearts, you’d be done that card! 🙂

Donkey Jumps: You know this one. Hands shoulder width apart on the mat. Both feet to one side. Jump, both feet together, kicking your legs to the other side of the mat, kicking your butt with your heels on the way over. Here’s a video of someone doing them over a bench. Today we’re not using the bench, just a mat. Here’s what’s tricky about today’s Deck of Cards Donkey Kicks – each number on the card is going to represent 5 seconds. So if you draw the 10 of clubs, multiply 10 x 5 seconds and do 50 seconds of donkey kicks. The 3 of clubs is 15 seconds. And so on. These are HARD. Do not underestimate these. They’re a killer.

Dive Bomber Pushups: Start in an inverted V pushup position (butt pointed toward the sky). Lower your nose toward an imaginary spot between your hands. Then pretend you are trying to slide your body under a bar and push with your arms and extend your upper body upward, arching your back and straightening out your arms. Reverse the move to go back up. These are NOT easy. Modification: Two modifications for this one: 1) Do the first half the same, but instead of reversing to go back up, from the bottom position (upward dog for those who know yoga), just tuck your head back between your arms and push yourself back to the inverted V start position. This is called a Hindu Pushup.  2) If both of these are too hard for you, change your pushup to an inverted V pushup but raise one leg. To do this move, get in an inverted V. Lift one leg behind you as high as you can, keeping that leg straight. Stay in this position for your pushups. Each time you draw another pushup card, you’d change which leg is raised behind you.

For a great instructional video, click here to see how both the Dive Bomber and the Hindu pushup are done. Go to the :25 second mark to get the full demonstration.

JOKER: Star Jumping Jacks: You guys know this exercise. But here’s a video in case you need a reminder. If you draw the first Joker, do 60 seconds of these. If you draw the 2nd joker, it’s a 30 second rest!

Those are all your exercises. Remember… you can do this workout ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and for any length of time. Switch it up. One day when you have more time, try to do the whole deck and see how long it takes you. Again, we did this one for 35 minutes. Try 10 minutes on a day when you’re rushed. Maybe do half the deck one day, pull 27 cards at random and see what you get. NO DECK OF CARDS workout will EVER be the same! And remember:

… and actually, if you puke, you should feel better. So keep going!

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I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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