The Floor is your Friend – 7/22

Hellllllooooooo from rainy Alaska!

I’ve been working on a workout to give to Heather who is subbing for me on Tuesday night for Torture Tuesday. She can only be there for half an hour, so my challenge was to come up with a shorter-than-normal Tuesday workout that worked your entire body and used no equipment so you guys can spend all of class working out and not putting stuff away!

Here’s what I’ve come up with… an entire interval circuit based on using the floor and NO other equipment…

Exercise Time: 12 minutes
Number of Exercises Total: 10 (+ Ab Bonus if you choose it!)
Rounds: 2
Total number of reps: AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

No Excuses. Period.

You’ll need:

  • exercise mat
  • Interval timer (or watch or clock will work!)
  • water/towel

We are doing 50/10 Tabata intervals. (50 seconds on at 100% of your max capacity, 10 seconds break). 10 exercises. Complete the first exercise, then rest 10 seconds and move on to the second and so on. We are counting REPS today as the time is already set. Here we go:

Side Burpee Pushups
Double Crunch
High Knees
Knee Tuck or Knee Hug Commando Roll
Moving Push Ups
Forearm Plank
Alternating Leg Lift Straddle Thru
Frog Plank Jumps
One Arm Press Up (L)
One Arm Press Up (R)


Side Burpee Pushups – You know these, but just in case, I’m also including a step by step visual (below). Stand tall, then squat down, palms down on the floor just to the left of your feet (you’ll know why this matters after the first one you try). Jump both feet at the same time out to the right (if your body were a clock, you’re jumping your legs out STRAIGHT in a plank to about 3 o’clock). Do one pushup. Then jump your feet back to a squat position (hands still on the floor) and then explode up toward the sky, hands over your head as you jump off the floor. Then you repeat, jumping your legs to the opposite side.

Modificiation: you may do this pushup on one knee if necessary. If you are doing that, it will be the knee that is closest to the floor when you jump your legs out to the side (when you jump your legs to the right, it would be your left knee and vice versa). Make sure you do a push up on each side and make sure you jump between them. Count each time you jump as one rep. Enjoy. And you’re welcome. 🙂

Double Crunch: Lay on your back on your mat with your hands behind your head, elbows wide, and legs at 90 degrees (tabletop) and your head off the floor. DO NOT interlace your fingers together. Just have them on either side of the back of your head. Contract your abs, curl your back and simulatnouesly bring knees toward chest and chest toward knees. Release back to tabletop. Head and feet NEVER touch the floor for your 50 seconds of work. Here’s a video to demonstrate.

High Knees: Nothing fancy here. You know it. Sprint in place, bringing each knee as high as you can toward your chest.

Knee Tuck Abs: Note – her back is OFF the floor and she’s reaching for her sneakers. Both lower body and upper body are active. If you are doing the Knee Hug instead, just wrap your arms around your shins, hug for 1 second, then return to floor, nice and controlled.

Knee Hug or Knee Tuck Commando Roll: Lower yourself back to the floor and extend your arms overhead. In one movement, lift your back off the floor and pull your knees into your chest, hugging your knees with your arms (more difficult) or reaching for your toes. Your back is OFF the floor and you should be resting on what we call your sit bones. Hold for 1 second, then release back to floor using your abs to control your way down. Commando roll one full rotation until you are on your back again and repeat your Knee Hug or Knee Tuck exercise. Remember, in the commando roll, your upper body and lower legs are NOT touching the floor. This is the most challenging level. Only rest them down IF YOU MUST.

Moving Push Ups:Get in pushup position. Step with both right foot and right hand to the right while lowering your body to the floor for your push up, then step left hand and left leg toward them while you press back up to your starting plank position. Then switch direction and repeat going to your left. Keep alternating left and right for 50 seconds. Modification: You may do these push ups on your knees if you need to. KEEP YOUR BODY FLAT!

Forearm Plank: Get into a plank, forearms down (instead of hands. Let’s give your wrists a break!). Make sure your elbows are directly underneath your shoulders and your hands are in front, relaxed if you can. Squeeze your body tight from head to toe, making sure you are in a straight line. Hold for 50 seconds.

Alternating Leg Lift Straddle Thru:
Lay flat on your back, hands stacked on top of each other and over your head. Reach your left leg up toward the sky while simultaneously lifting your upper body off the floor, touching the outer part of your left shoe with your hands. Lower. Repeat on right leg. Lower. Then straddle both legs up simultaneously, reaching your stacked hands through your legs. That’s 1 rep. Repeat as many times as possible in 50 seconds.

Frog Plank Jump:Get into a full plank, hands and feet on the floor. Jump your feet in toward your hands and when you do, lift your hands OFF the floor and hold them in front of your torso so you are in a SUPER low squat. This movement is fast and simultaneous. As your feet touch near your hands, your hands come off the floor. Then place your hands back down and jump back to a plank. Repeat. Feel the burn in those thighs :)

One Arm Press Up (Left): Lay flat on your belly on a mat. Place your left hand next to your chest palm down on the floor with your arm bent at the elbow and your arm close to your chest. Your body is stretched flat on the floor behind you and your toes are on the ground (not your shoelaces… toes). Place your right hand, palm facing UP, in the small of your back just above your butt, with your elbow bent. Press your entire upper body up off the ground, keeping your left arm close to your body and arch your back to a position called an upward dog (but yours will be one-handed). From here, press your hips straight up toward the ceiling, pushing through your tip toes and your shoulders. You will feel a TON of muscles at work here. You will end up in an inverted V position. Reverse the position, back to your one-handed upward dog. Then lastly, back to the floor, all the while keeping that left hand and arm next to your chest. That is 1 rep. Repeat for 50 seconds.

One Arm Press Up (Right): Repeat the above, but now with your right hand on the floor and your left hand tucked in the small of your back. Repeat for 50 seconds.

There is a modification for this exercise (2, in fact). If your form is not good, PLEASE choose a modification. You can work up to these. Do as many regularly as you can, then modify. Modification 1 (Medium Difficulty): In the medium difficulty modification, we just add two steps to help the transition. Start in the same position on the floor as above. Press to upward dog the same as above. Then instead of pushing up to an inverted V, push your body to all fours first, hand (one hand, left) and knees. Then press up to the inverted V, then back to all fours, then to upward dog, then back to the floor.
Modification 2 (Easier): Start on the floor in the same position as the regular exercise above. Push up to the upward dog the same. But from here, push directly back to child’s pose (see image below). Then back to upward dog, then back to start.
ONE MORE OPTION: If you need it, you can keep track of how many you can do with one hand, then you can help yourself with your free arm if necessary.

You’re DONE one Round. Take a 1 minute break, then repeat starting with exercise 1 and going through to exercise 10, again with 50/10 Tabata style.

AB BONUS: Found this great ab workout on pinterest… take a look by clicking the link below. I did this after my interval workout was over. It’s 300 reps, and a great way to finish this workout:

Click here for the 300 Rep Ab Challenge

FINISHED! Keep track of your reps if you can. You’ll have to write fast. 10 seconds is not a long time to write your reps and get ready for the next set. But you can do it!!! My reps are below in comments! GO GET ‘EM!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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1 Response to The Floor is your Friend – 7/22

  1. Robes says:

    My Reps (Round 1/Round 2):
    Side Burpee Push Ups: 12/11
    Double Crunch: 36/34
    High Knees: 120/110
    Knee Hug Commando Roll: 16/15
    Moving Push Ups: 22/20
    Elbow Plank: 50 sec/50 sec
    Alt Leg Lift Straddle Thru: 11/10
    Frog Plank Jump: 24/24
    One Arm Press Up (L): 14/11
    One Arm Press Up (R): 15/12
    Abs: 300 reps (forgot to keep track of time, sorry!)

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