Mile High Madness – 8/24

So here I am, in Denver, again. This time visiting the Denver Broncos and giving back to the Wounded Warrior Project. Bonus? Sister time with Mary-Beth and friend time with my girl Jamie.

But just ‘cuz I’m out of town doesn’t get you guys off the hook. Here’s your weekend warrior workout for Friday, August 24th. We’ll lovingly call it Mile High Madness. You’re welcome.

We’re going back to basics tonight. No weights. Just yourself. And a jump rope. Yup. That’s it.

Exercise Time: 16 minutes
Number of Exercises Total: 4
Rounds: 15
Total number of reps: AMRAP

You’ll need:

  • exercise mat
  • jump rope (don’t worry if you don’t have one!)
  • Interval timer (or watch or clock will work!)
  • water/towel

Here’s how this is gonna work. You’re gonna have 3 exercises that you’re going to do 20/10 Tabata style (20 seconds as hard as you can, 10 seconds of rest). You’ll do 8 rounds (4 minutes) of each exercise. BETWEEN each set of 8 (so after 4 minutes), you’re going to jump rope. Yup. I’ll explain below. We’re keeping the exercises simple today. Nothing fancy. Just good ‘ol fashioned butt whoopin’ by your own body weight.


  • Sprints
  • Pushups
  • Plyo Jump Lungs
  • Jump Rope (between each set)

So let’s walk through what it looks like once you’re warmed up…

Set your interval timer for 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Now you’re going to

Yes. You. Can.

sprint. For 20 seconds. If you’re doing this in the gym, you can do it on a treadmill. You can run from wall to wall in the back room. If you’re home, you can do it outside. Don’t have a ton of room? Sprint in place, high knees! Don’t make excuses. MAKE. IT. WORK. Listen UP: This is NOT a jog. I repeat. NOT a jog. This is a SPRINT. So if you’re on the treadmill, we’re talking minimum of 8.0 mph for beginners, 10.0 for intermediate and advanced. SPRINT. Not a fast walk. Not a jog. A SPRINT. Or like the tshirt we all saw on the Olympics: “walk. jog. run. sprint. BOLT.”. Consider yourself BOLTING. 🙂

Repeat this for 8 rounds (total of 4 minutes). Yes, you’re exhausted. I know.

Now you’re going to jump rope for 1 minute STRAIGHT. Do not quit. I know your legs are burning. I know your calves hurt. Don’t. Give. Up.

Reset your interval timer for 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. In round 2, you’re going to do pushups. Simple pushups. Nothing fancy here, guys. If you’re advanced, you do these on your feet (full plank/pushup position) until you can’t keep your form, then drop to your knees. If you start on your knees, make SURE your body is in a straight line. NO BUTTS in the air. And if you’re a beginner, you’ll do these from your belly. Not sure how? Check it out here in the Right to Bare Arms 2 workout from last week. 8 sets people. As MANY as you can do in each set of 20 seconds. Work hard. This is your workout. Don’t waste it.

Done w/ Round 2? Let’s jump rope. Yes, again. And YES, for 1 minute. Don’t stop.


Plyo Lunge Jumps

Plyo Lunge Jumps. You know these. Reset your timer again. You have one round (plus the rope thing!) to go. Then you’re done. Start with your left leg in front, right leg back in a deep lunge. Explode up, switching legs in mid air, landing w/ your right foot in front and left foot back. Repeat, alternating sides for your 20 seconds. Rest for 10 and repeat. Yes, 8 rounds.

And to finish? Grab your rope and jump. And keep jumping. You’re jumping for 2 minutes this time. YES, I know! It stinks! DO. IT!!!

You’re done! No abs today. Just a whole ‘lotta sweat. Good news. No one ever died by drowning in their own sweat. Ever. You’d be the first.

And again, I say… you’re welcome! Happy Friday!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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