Quick & Dirty – Happy New Year Workout!

Arrived in Maui late last night with my hubs and older sister, Lisa, and wanted to make sure we (Lisa and I) stay on track with our workouts while we’re here!

So we woke up this morning, and while Paul was thinking of Subway breakfast, we mapped it out. We could do a roundabout run, and it’d be about 3 miles to Subway. So we did. We used the awesome app, MapMyRun+, and given that neither Lisa or I truly enjoy running, we agreed to a nice gentle pace.

We ran 2.71 miles in 27 minutes in 27:13. Not a bad pace for those of us who really don’t LOVE to run.

Returned back to our condo on the beach, and wanted to get in some body weight exercises. So we added a quick 8 minute Tabata workout with 2 minutes of abs. Yep. 10 minutes. Total. Plus the 27 minute run = 37 minutes. Probably burned somewhere around 600-700 calories total in our workout. You can do it too! We didn’t have any equipment, so here you go!

Tabata – Hawaii Style:

4 Exercises:

  1. High Knees
  2. Dive Bombers
  3. Reverse Crunch (abs)
  4. Push-Ups

Set your timer for 16 rounds of 20/10 Tabata. You’re going to complete 4 rounds of each exercise above (2 minutes straight of High Knees on the 20/10 timer) before moving onto the next one. So we did 4 rounds of High Knees, 4 rounds of Dive Bombers, etc. We did this right on the grass outside our condo overlooking the ocean, the turtles, the whales… Did we get a little dirty? Sure we did. But it was quick. Quick & Dirty. 🙂

As soon as we were done, we held a plank for 2 minutes. You can totally do this workout. Anytime you think you don’t have time to squeeze in a workout… 10 minutes. We ALL have 10 minutes.

Happy New Year from Maui!

About Robes

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother to Isaiah and Hitch, a stepmom to Alexis, a sister and a friend. I get to give back to others every day for my "job". In my spare time, I also happen to teach a bunch of crazy classes at Ponte Vedra Fitness, and this blog was mostly set up for my Gym Crazies who are not facebook but still wanted access to all my workouts! So... let's have "fun". :)
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2 Responses to Quick & Dirty – Happy New Year Workout!

  1. Esther Schiegg says:

    Thanks, Happy New Year and have a great time in Maui. Started power walking yesterday. Still have to be very careful. Take care, Esther

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Rose says:

    Done the workout. Wish it was warmer so I could go for a run. XO to both you and Lisa.

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