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Feel the Burn – Stations Workout – 2/25

We’ve been doing stations a bunch on Mondays at our Body Blast class at the gym and wanted to share one of the set ups with you all. Here’s the workout: •  8 exercises •  50/10 Tabata Style (20 seconds … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior Full Body Pyramid

Ok, so we’re gonna keep tonight short. Hard, but short. Our goal is to get the pyramid completed in less than 15 minutes. That’s right. LESS than 15 minutes. This workout is deceivingly hard. I want you to give it … Continue reading

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Climb the Ladder – Shoulders

Ok, so yesterday I’m minding my own business and my big sis sends me a workout suggestion. I see it. It’s a ladder workout. I haven’t done one of those in YEARS. But this one was a little different. Instead … Continue reading

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Legs On Fire II

Special workout for a special friend, but applicable to ALL of you. Here’s a leg workout that you can switch up every single day, will never be more than 20 minutes, and will challenge every part of you. I’d suggest … Continue reading

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