Feel the Burn – Stations Workout – 2/25

We’ve been doing stations a bunch on Mondays at our Body Blast class at the gym and wanted to share one of the set ups with you all.

Here’s the workout:
•  8 exercises
•  50/10 Tabata Style (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest)
• 4 rounds of each exercise (4 minutes) before moving onto the next
• 30 seconds of rest between each exercise
• AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). You are responsible for pushing yourself til that bell dings!
• TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 34:30 (including rest times)

• about 10 feet of space
• 2 sets of 2 dumbells (a set of 3-4 lbs & 6-8 lbs each for beginners, 5 lbs & 8-10 lbs for advanced, 8 lbs & 15-30 for super advanced)*
• stability/exercise ball (these are the big huge ones. Don’t worry if you don’t have one!)
• exercise mat or rolled up towel for abs
• timer or clock
• water/towel

* If you do not have weights, you can still do this workout. You can also use exercise bands, or you can use something you have hanging around the house… soup cans, water bottles, etc. 🙂 Exercises that are marked with an asterisk (*) have weights or bands assigned to them. These are where you can find alternatives.

Make sure you do the exercises in order. Do not do exercise 1 for 4 minutes then skip to exercise 7. They’re designed this way for a reason! Let’s do this thing!



Only difference for us is that we’re doing this with our legs a little tiny bit wider than this. Just shy of shoulder width apart.

1) Squat/Overhead Press*: Grab your LIGHT set of weights. Stand with your feet and knees slightly closer than shoulder width apart, arms raised to shoulder level and bent at elbows holding weights by ears. Squat toward the floor, bending your knees and pressing your hips back as if you were sitting in a chair. Lower as far as possible without lifting your heels off the floor. While lowering, press your arms overhead, as if reaching for the ceiling. Press through your heels to stand back up and lower arms to start position.
*Use weights for as long as you can. When your form starts to suffer, drop your weights, but keep your arms moving through the same motion!
2)One Arm Side Tricep Push-Ups:

tricep one-arm pushup

This is the Once Arm Side Tricep Push-Up with your hand on top of your shoulder. The more difficult level would be to tuck that upper hand (her left hand) under her right armpit and reach up toward her shoulder.

Lay on one side with your knees bent 90 degrees and place your TOP hand on the floor in front of your chest, thumb touching your bicep on your lower arm. Now place your bottom hand on your top shoulder or in your armpit – your choice – if it’s tucked under your top arm it’s a little bit more challenging and prevents you from cheating! That arm isn’t gonna move. Lock it in place! Now push with your bottom hand into the ground to bring your upper body up, straightening out that arm to get the full extension. Your hip stays on the ground – you are lifting only your upper body off of the ground.

3) Marionette Push-Ups: Your arms should be on fire. That’s GOOD! Don’t let your form suffer. You can do these on your knees if you’re tired. Get in regular push-up position (knees or feet). Do a push-up. Press back up to the starting position and when you do, reach your right arm and your left leg out as FAR as they can go. You will be balancing on your left hand and your right knee/foot. Squeeze and hold this position. Now you know what it’s called a “Marionette” push-up! It’s working a TON of body parts: your arms, shoulder, core, back, quads, calves, etc.. Then lower your foot/knee and hand, and repeat, lifting your LEFT hand and RIGHT leg the next time. Alternate which arm/foot reach each rep. Remember: it’s the OPPOSITE hand and foot. Do not lift your RIGHT hand and RIGHT foot at the same time. 🙂 As many as you can in 50 seconds, then repeat 3 more times before moving on to exercise 4!

4) Bicep Curls*: Giving those shoulders a TINY break. We’re just going to do simple bicep curls. But here’s the catch. You have to do as many as you can in the 50 seconds you’re given. 4 times. This is not a slow, controlled exercise. This is a SPEED controlled exercise. Push yourself. You may use bands, weights, soup cans, water bottles, etc. Make sure you keep your elbows in line with your body (don’t swing) and bring your hands all the way up to your shoulders on each rep. Don’t cheat.

5) 4-in-1 SHOULDER BURN SERIES: Made up of four exercises, you’ll do them in order for each round. NO WEIGHTS. Stand tall with your arms extended out to the side, making a “T” shape with your body. Arms are parallel to the floor, extended straight out from your shoulders and your elbows are LOCKED. I don’t say that very often. I want these arms like poles. STRAIGHT. LOCKED. All the way down to your fingers. Then do these exercises for 50 seconds each. Once you’ve done one, you’re done with it. Take your 10 second rest, the do the next one in the next round.
Small Arm Circles Forward: Exactly as it sounds. Pretend your fingertips have chalk on them and you’re drawing SUPER SMALL circles with that chalk. Arms are locked. Circle arms forward.
Small Arm Circles Backward: Same as above, but change direction. Arms are moving backward now.
T-Overhead: Same starting position (the “T”). Raise your arms overhead, touching your fingers together, then lower to the T. Repeat.
Flexion/Extension: MINOR Change here. Your arms aren’t moving in these final 50 seconds. Just your wrists. Same “T” staring position. Then, without moving your arms, flex your wrists so that the palms of your hands are facing away from your body like they’re pressing up against the walls on either side of you. It is SO IMPORTANT that you flex HARD. I want you to feel this in your wrists. Now point them down, keeping fingers straight (the tendency is to bend at your knuckles – DON’T!), and pointing your palms toward your own body. You want to try to get your wrist to 90 degrees each direction. Now alternate, fast. Flex. Point. Flex. Point. Yes, I know it burns. You’re almost done!

Perfect form.

Perfect form.

6) Deadlifts*: Grab your heavy weights. Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart, legs SLIGHTLY bent, and weight down in front of your thighs, resting right on your legs. Now bend at the hips, lowering your weights toward the floor but keeping your abs tight and your back straight. A tip: keep your eyes focused on something about 6-8 feet off the floor on the wall in front of you the ENTIRE exercise. It’ll help immediately fix your form.
Repeat. DO NOT change the tiny bend in your legs. Once you’re in your set position, pretend your legs are stiff and locked. They don’t bend. The only thing that bends is your hips.

Modified with head on the floor. Advanced, please lift your head off the floor, chin to your chest and keep it there.

Modified with head on the floor. Advanced, please lift your head off the floor, chin to your chest and keep it there.

7) Exercise Ball Ab Pass: Lat flat on your back, arms extended over your head and stability ball between your feet. For advanced folks, lift your head off the floor and keep it there the entire time. This engages your upper abs from the start and throughout the entire exercise. To begin, simultaneously lift your legs toward your hands and your hands toward your feet. You’ll meet in the middle. When you meet, grab the ball with your hands, then lower both your legs and your hands down but do NOT touch the floor. They’ll both just hover. Now bring both legs and arms back together and “pass” the ball back to between your ankles. Repeat for 50 seconds, and do 4 rounds total!


Walk Up Plank.

8) Forearm to Hands Walk Up Plank: Get in a plank, forearms on the floor, abs tight and forearms underneath your shoulders. Begin your “walk” by pressing into the floor with your forearms until you can lift your right hand and place it on the floor. Now place your left hand on the floor until you’re in a full plank with your hands and feet. Now return to your forearms, one arm at a time, right arm first. Keep going for 50 seconds, leading with your right arm. Right. Left. Right. Left. Up. Up. Down. Down. Repeat for 4 rounds, and you’re DONE!

Great workout!!!! Now stretch, and take a rest! Your shoulders should be on FIRE!

Have a GREAT week!


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