Xtra! Xtra!

Here are some stories I’ve seen and thought I’d like to share with you guys. Hope you find these useful!

Ask the Celebrity Trainer: What’s the fastest way to lose 10 pounds?
I love this article. He starts simply with this: First, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing at the gym if you’re not eating well. To change your body composition (i.e. lose body fat), you absolutely need to clean up your diet. And he’s dead-on. Then he goes on to talk about ways you can strengthen and lose weight through MRT (metabolic resistance training – mostly what all my workouts consist of!).

Expert Advice: When to replace your gym gear?
Ever wondered how long you should keep that sports bra? What about your sneakers. Or that yoga mat? Read all about it here.

All things Tabata!
You guys keep hear me talk about Tabata. You’ve just heard me mention MRT above. What’s it all mean? Why should you care? This is a GREAT site for covering the basics or getting as deep as you want into what Tabata training actually is.

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